[242] IT Officer

  • Location:Hanoi
  • Expires in:31/10/2022

Job Summary: Responsible for the planning of capacity and updating of hardware systems, network systems and operational systems for various environments. Interacts with all departments of the company to solve IT problems and act as IT help-desk, to standardize and to improve the efficiency of operational, interactive and network systems.


  1. Support and answer question/ requirements of the problem related to IT with end user. Consulting end user when there are new requirements to change. (20%)
  2. Manage and improve IT security. (20%)
  3. Support for business software, internal control systems, office informatics. (15%)
  4. Making and editing reports on products. Check the data on the system to ensure the data is correct. (10%)
  5. Software manual and propose solutions for data processing. (10%)
  6. Manage IT hardware assets by keeping track of inventory, asset status and asset ownership. (10%)
  7. Propose policies, procedures to superior to develop IT system. (5%)
  8. Other tasks as assigned. (10%)


  1. College or Bachelor degree in IT or relevant fields.
  2. Working experience: Have at least 1-3 years of working experience. Have experience in relevant fields: IT hardware/software/security, IT help-desk, manage software/system development project experience is preferred.
  3. Able to use English at work.
  4. Good MS skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  5. Be honest and careful.
  6. Be hard-working and adaptable to the needs of the working environment.

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