AEON Foundational Ideals

Pursuing peace, respecting humans, and contributing to local communities, always with the customers as our starting point.

AEON firmly believes that retailing is an industry to promote peace, humanity, and local communities. To remain a thriving corporate group that fulfills this mission, we are committed to continuous innovation, with customers as our starting point.


Management Philosophy

AEON MALL is a Life Design Developer that works with communities and produces ways of living for the future.

What is Life Design?
Life Design involves producing ways for people to live in the future — work that drives AEON MALL to create and nurture opportunities for people to meet and engage in cultural activities. Beyond the development of commercial facilities, this work requires our company to expand ways for us to serve people throughout various stages of their lives.

Management Vision

Becoming a company that will touch the hearts of 5 billion visitors throughout Asia.

Ultimately, our challenge is to be consistent in localization to enhance the attractive aspects of various regions by working in tandem with partners.
As Life Design Producers, we will go beyond working in a conventional commercial context and keep our company growing by opening up business opportunities to produce future ways of living.

We will solidify and strengthen our financial and business foundations by taking full advantage of our company’s assets, including our worldwide malls and capabilities to continue our growth.
We are a company of professionals that continue to innovate.
We see and consider life from customers’ perspectives so that we can share the best, most memorable moments of life with those customers.

Corporate Slogan

ÆON MALL helps its customers to enhance their lifestyles by offering new ideas through the creation of vibrant communities and creating centers for excitement, fun and lifestyle enhancement. That is our mission. We want our malls to become focal points in their communities. That is why every mall that we develop and operate is firmly rooted in the life of its community and is designed as a place full of fun and excitement to enhance the enjoyment of life.