On December 8th, 2023, AEON MALL proudly stood among the 16 projects awarded the 5-star Green Energy title in 2023 at the Awarding Ceremony of facilities and construction projects using Green Energy in 2023.

AEON MALL Ha Dong is honored to receive the 5-star Green Energy Facility Certification.

By using BMS software to monitor and control equipment such as: electrical systems, air conditioners, lighting, pumps, fans, AHUs…AEON MALL Ha Dong has saved significant power but still ensure the operation of the building.

Representatives of AEON MALL Ha Dong went to receive the Green Energy 2023 Certification.

Becoming a sustainable development partner with local community is one of the guiding principles in AEON MALL’s operations. We continually strive to ensure the implementation of energy-saving solutions in line with local government policies, aiming to contribute to building a green, clean, and beautiful environment for the community.