After nearly one year in operation, the area around AEON MALL Ha Dong is gradually covered by green trees and fresh air. Those are the seedlings that were planted and nurtured in the “AEON Hometown forest” – the pre-opening event of AEON MALL Ha Dong in November 2019. One year later, on November 20th 2020, staffs and partners have presented at AEON MALL Ha Dong, continued to join hands to plant the new trees, take care of the old ones, and clean the surrounding areas.

Mr. Tanaka Hiroyuki- General Manager of AEON MALL Ha Dong gave a speech at the “Cleaning & Tree Caring Day “
Before starting, staffs were instructed to plant trees properly

There were more than 100 staffs of AEON MALL Ha Dong, AEON Ha Dong, AEON Delight, and tenants’ employees, gathered in “Cleaning & Tree Caring Day ” at AEON MALL Ha Dong to planted 130 new green trees, fertilized and watered about 5,000 trees which were planted before.

Tenants and AEON subsidiaries staffs enthusiastically participated

Moreover, in conjunction with the “Cleaning Day” on every last Friday of the month at AEON MALL Ha Dong, the participants also worked together to pick up the garbage around the shopping mall. In just one morning, the amount of waste collected and sorted was nearly 62,5 kg.


Lots of waste was collected and sorted quickly

The “Cleaning & Tree Caring Day” has proved the eternal efforts of AEON Group in general and AEON MALL Vietnam in particular that always act for the environment and for the community. We not only plant the seeds but also preserve and care for ”the green lungs” of the Earth, in order to create good habits, contribute to a healthy, green – clean – beautiful living environment in the local community.