– What is your current position and mission at AEON MALL?

  • As a Facilities and Security executive, I manage, monitor and secure the operation of all systems at AEON MALL Long Bien (including operation, maintenance and repair technical systems such as electricity, water, air conditioners, etc.) and most important, I have to inspect all changes, adjustments for every tenant in shopping mall, especially for new tenants.

– For you, what is the charming of working at AEON MALL?

  • I’m not sure what the most attractive thing is but shortly, I love my job and the working environment at AEON MALL Vietnam.

– What was your biggest job or impressive work that you worked on until now?

  • In 2017, I proposed and implemented a plan to save power for AEON MALL Long Bien. And it comes up with an unexpected result – with my plan, the shopping mall has saved more than 2 billion on a monthly electricity bills.

– What are you particularly conscious of doing your job?

  • I think I’ve already prepared myself for the job very well and I’m always trying my best at work. I think it’s more important to prepare for the development of AEON MALL Vietnam in the future.

– How do you want AEON MALL to develop further and grow in the future?

  • I can see the ambition in the expansion and development for AEON MALL Vietnam. I’m very hopeful that I can develop myself and adapt to the growth of company.