– What is your current position and mission at AEON MALL?

  • Since joining AEONMALL Vietnam, my position is Marketing Officer at AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon. My main job is to work with Marketing team to make effective campaigns and work with suppliers to execute the plan; support to organize events in the shopping mall and other related marketing activities.

– For you, what is the charming of working at AEON MALL?

  • I enjoy working in a fast-paced working environment. At AEONMALL Vietnam, everyone works towards a common goal and feels a strong sense of belonging. For me, a workplace that welcomes creative, diverse opinions and fosters personal growth, in turn, makes the workplace a fun place to be.

– What was your biggest job or impressive work that you worked on until now?

  • In 2017, I worked with my team to organize a singing contest to celebrate early Christmas atmosphere for high school music club called Oh My School Club 2017. This is the contest cooperated with Hoa Hoc Tro – the most popular magazine of Vietnam’s teenagers. Responding to the hard working days to plan and prepare for the contest, I and my team are very satisfied with the results that we achieved together. Many The singing contest received enthusiastic response from local high school students and attracts many customers, audiences come to AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon in the final round.

– What are you particularly conscious of doing your job?

  • In the coming time, I have to improve my work performance to catch up with the development of company in this growth period.

– How do you want AEON MALL to develop further and grow in the future?

  • I think AEON MALL will be one of the best destinations for all family members to unite and enjoy a wide range of exciting activities. AEON MALL is a place that all members of the family are spinning together, having a good relaxing time.