This Full Moon, AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary will bring you interesting gift:

With every upper 2,000,000 invoice, customer will get instantly 01 lantern.

Duration: 01/09 – 04/10/2017

Besides, This is the greatest chance for you to earn point for the loyalty card with the chance to receive a SH Mode or a lot of voucher summarizing 5,500,000 VND (more information:


-A invoice/customer can join maximum 01 time/day.

-The quantity of gifts is specific, the program can end before deadline.

-Customer can summarize all invoices in 1 day.

-Do not apply with the invoices in the AEON supermarket area.

-AEON MALL staffs, sale persons, store managers can not participate in this program.

-Q&A at Information Center (Ground Floor) or number: 0274 6259333