1. Phase 1: Waste classification activities

In response to the “World Environment Day” campaign, the collection of plastic waste took place from 20th to 28th May, 2020 helped customers understand the proper waste separation process to carry out recycling and reuse. This activities were positively responded by customers.

Customers performed two simple steps of waste classification.

  • Step 1: pour excess water in a plastic cup, plastic bottle or plastic box into the orange bin (wet garbage)
  • Step 2: put plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic containers, … plastic items that have been left in the green bin (dry garbage)

2. Phase 2:“Recycling – Planting” class from 5th to 7th June, 2020

The plastic waste in the green bin collected after the “plastic waste classification” activities from 20th to 28th May, 2020 had been used as material for the “plastic waste recycling class” for children from 6 to 11 years old, took place in the Center Court on World Environment Day from 5th to 7th June, 2020.


  • Deeply launching in students to actively participate in activities “World Environment Day”
  • Contribute to the propaganda, advocacy and education of students to raise awareness and responsibility for environmental protection
  • Develop students’ creativity in recycling and reusing plastic waste, contributing to environmental protection


  • Children were instructed to make plant pots from used plastic scraps. Plastic scrap and materials used in the program were prepared and provided by the organizers.
  • After completing the item, the children moved through the “Planting seeds” area: staff guided the children with simple steps to plant the seeds.

Cooperating unit:

  • Gong Cha

Photos of “recycling – planting” class for 6-11 years old children in the Center Court, AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary

Display area of KOHNAN JAPAN’s booth


3. Exhibition of green habitat paintings with the theme “Biodiversity”

With the aim of bringing images, messages to protect the environment and raising awareness of the community, the exhibition of green habitat paintings with the theme “Biodiversity taking place in Phuong Nam Book City from 8th June to 16th August, 2020.