Da Nang city is located in the Central region of Vietnam, is one of 5 cities under the Central Government and under the management of the Central Government of Vietnam, with a population of about 1.19 million people. Since ancient times, Da Nang has prospered as an international trading port, and now it is also continuing to develop in the direction of modernity with the position of the largest city in the Central region, and an international airport serving 6 Asian countries make this city one of the strategic economic hubs. In addition, Da Nang also is the starting point to the east with its strategic location in the Mekong River region (East-West Economic Corridor). Besides tourism and real estate which are the city’s main industries, the city’s policy also encourages the growing of information technology and service industries with the expectations that the area will develop strongly in the future. To response to the increasing living standards and the diversification of people’s lifestyles thanks to city’s economic growth, we will provide brand-new experience and values ​​through our business activities.

We have positioned the Central region as a priority strategic area next to the Northern region (Hanoi, Hai Phong) and the Southern region (Ho Chi Minh, Binh Duong); Da Nang – the largest city in the central region, together with Hue city – where we have just made the investment decision, will be an important location to form dominant shopping malls. In the future, towards the goal of establish a solid business foundation in Vietnam, by promoting expansion to local cities, we will further contribute to the realization of the Government’s policies, attracting Japanese businesses and the development of the local community in Vietnam – a country that is achieving sustainable economic growth.