3 tips to make your job application in AEONMALL easier

Dear candidates! Youth is the time when we are most confused about things. When stepping out of the school gate, many people will be worried about their future career path. Some people do not know which way to go; someone knows what their passion is but do not know how to start. Therefore, in this article, we will bring you 3 important tips to help you succeed every and each job application.

Tips 1. Understand the company and the job

To determine your dream destination, the first and foremost thing is to learn about the Company and the job position. So where should we find the information? The key here is the company’s website. Here, you will be able to find information about the business sector, core values, development goals of the company, the job description…. Based on that, you will be able to identify if the company and job are suitable for you. Moreover, this is also a very valuable source of information to help you score points in the eyes of employers in interview rounds. If there is any important information that is difficult to understand, do not hesitate to ask your employer!

Let’s learn more about AEONMALL Vietnam here!

Tip 2. Write an impressive application email

Firstly, you should write a short and simple email subject line. If the employer clearly states the title requirement such as: Candidates please send an English CV to the mailbox [email protected] with the title “[Code] Full name_Position”, just apply the formula. This will make it easier for employers to filter and organize emails. In case the employer does not have specific requirements, make sure that your email subject contains the full name and the position title you want to apply for.

The second is the email content, try to write short, concise and enough formal. Employers certainly will not want to read lengthy emails just to reiterate the information they can find on your CV and Cover letter.

Finally, a friendly, polite ending will help you keep a good impression on the employer’s eyes. And don’t forget to thank and show that you really look forward a response from the company.

Application email sample

Tip 3. Know how to “overcome obstacles” successfully

Applying for a job is similar to an “Obstacle course” game. To be successful with each “obstacle”, we need to equip ourselves with the appropriate skills and knowledge for each stage.

AEONMALL Vietnam’s Application Process

We’ll take an example of the CV submission stage. According to a study published in 2012 by the job search website TheLadders.com, the employer spends average only 6.25 seconds on skimming a CV and decide if the candidate is suitable for the position. This means you only have 6.25 seconds to express yourself. To get through this extremely important “parking round”, there are 3 important skills that we need to know:

  1. Know how to highlight your own strengths
  2. Know how to write clearly and coherently
  3. Know how to design your CV nicely

The next “obstacle” is the interview rounds. A neat look, professional style and confident communication will score a huge point in the eyes of employers. Besides, please remember that all answers must be focused on point and, if possible, prove with actual data and examples. We will give you a tip to answer interview questions according to the S.T.A.R model as follows:

Situation – Let’s start with a specific situation

Task – List the situational requirements and your responsibilities

Action – Describe the steps or procedures you used to resolve the situation

Result – The results of taken actions

Following these four standards when answering interview questions will help your story be more logical, convincing as well as help recruiters easily follow the answers.

Finding the right job is not an easy journey, but let’s be make great efforts! All efforts are worth it!