How teamwork spirit has been built from the Team Building activities at AEONMALL Vietnam?

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan

In spite of its small land mass, limited resources and many natural disasters, Japan surprises the world when propelling itself to become the world’s second-largest economy and gains great respect from other countries.  In order to achieve this success, the strong team spirit of the people in the country of sakura has played a very important role.

In order to strengthen the team spirit as well as increase solidarity among the staffs, in mid-January 2021, AEONMALL Vietnam Co., Ltd. organized a 2-day-1-night Team Building trip at FLC Sam Son Beach & Golf Resort and The Cliff Resort & Residences Mui Ne for over 350 employees. The trip has become a gathering of friends and colleagues when together experiencing games, group activities and getting closer through challenges.

Let’s see the pink color in pictures through our lens to feel the hot air and enthusiasm of AEON MALL-ers!

Windy and Sunny Mui Ne
Green Sam Son

AEONMALL-ers are here ^.^
Let’s pick your team!
Vibrate the atmosphere by dances…
Raise determination with chants
The race starts!


Speed races

Tough challenges

Overcome the battle of wits…
…and hold the breath in suspense
Just as long as we’r moving forward together

Success will come
Together we can do so much more ^.^