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The exciting Role Play Contest 2019 has returned with more enthusiasm

Continuing the success from the Role Play Contest in 2018, the exciting contest for tenants’ staffs has returned with higher expectation and more professional. More than anything, the Role Play Contest will bring valued experience to tenants’ staffs as well as improve the customer services quality in AEONMALL shopping malls.

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Happy Full Moon Festival at AEON MALL Binh Tan

In Vietnam, the Full Moon Festival is an occasion for family members to enjoy a warm party under the moonlight and some typical activities of the traditional Full Moon Festival such as: lion dance, Mooncake, lanterns, ect, which will all be re-present in the modern but cozy shopping space AEON MALL Binh Tan with sparkling and beautiful Mid-Autumn decorations and fun activities as well.

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Celebrate Full Moon festival at AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary

Mid-autumn festival, whether old or new, is still one of our country’s important holidays, especially for children. Rearranging your own schedule or busy daily tasks, spend more time with the “children” in your family. What is more fun when the whole family together to dress up the dress to the beautiful mid-autumn locations, check-in virtual living together, enjoy delicious food or buy each other meaningful gifts and save the moments Engraved as memories never forget.

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